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What We’re Reading

We wanted to share a few things we particularly enjoyed reading this week.

Preservation Magazine published “How Artisanal Cheese Is Helping Save Vermont’s Historic Landscape,” with photography from Vermont-based Reciprocity Studio. The article profiles the great work happening at Jasper Hill Farm, Parish Hill Creamery, Vermont Creamery, the Vermont Cheese Council, Edmunds Farmstead, Cabot Cooperative, and the Conant family farm in Richmond, all to tell a story about the relationship between historic preservation and our dairy industry. It’s “cheese as a vehicle for preservation.”

The Matrix Marketing Group rounded up 51 Alternatives to Wordpress. If you’re making a website, WordPress is an amazing tool. We use it for  However, WordPress can be overkill if you don’t need a blog or frequently updated pages. Squarespace is a great tool and widely used for Vermont’s restaurants, breweries, and startups. Tilda is also recommended – it’s a little different and makes gorgeous, modern sites.

The long review of Micheal Lewis’ new book “The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds” from the New York Review of Books  is worth reading this weekend. Titled “Invisible Manipulators of Your Mind,” the review explores how behavioral economics aims to nudge us to better choices, but can also be used to manipulate and deceive.  You can also read an interview with Micheal Lewis from NPR.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. Back on Sunday!

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