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What Are Your Favorite Business Books?

The beginning of summer is a perfect time to make a new reading list.

We tend to think of summer as the season of beach reads. But business books can also make for inspired leisure reading. What business books would you recommend others read this summer?

On his blog, Bill Gates wrote about how Warren Buffett suggested “Business Adventures” by John Brooks as the most essential business book:

“In terms of its longevity, “Business Adventures” stands alongside Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, the 1949 book that Warren says is the best book on investing that he has ever read.”

And just This May, Bill Gates recommended Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker’s 2011 book “The Better Angels of Our Nature” as “the most inspiring book I’ve ever read.” That book shot to #1 on Amazon and stayed there for a couple of days.

As much as I respect Bill Gates, I’m more interested in knowing the business books that inspired and informed you. 

Email with the title of your book selections along with a sentence or two about why you recommend it. You can also Tweet it to us, or share it on our Facebook page.

We’ll share the list in two parts: books with a Vermont connection, and business books in general.

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