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3 Things to Know About PR in 2017

While social and digital is “the it girl” of media right now, it doesn’t always mean either will produce the results you want.

You need to consider your audience. Generationally, we’re all consuming a variety of different media, and we trust it in various ways.

If you’re marketing to a 50+-year-old, they will not digest a social media placement with as much authority as if your company appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Conversely, I rarely meet a 20-something who reads the paper version of any newspaper. And often they don’t regularly read the online editions of the large national papers. They would never see your paid or earned placement.

Here are some quick tips to consider for your next public relations campaign:

1. Begin with the end in mind.

Investing time, money, and energy in any campaign without having a clear idea of what your goals are is foolish. What are your quantitative and qualitative goals for the campaign? Are you trying to build awareness of your company/organization or products or are you looking for an immediate lift in sales? If you are marketing a B2B company, getting written up in your trade publications may generate more awareness and sales than if you get coverage from your local TV station. Consider your goals and then ensure that the tactics for the campaign support those goals.

2. Research is your best friend.

Once you identify your goals, understand the audience who will be receiving your message. What media do they consume? Who influences them and their buying decisions? I always come back to the “who cares?” question when I am thinking through a pitch for a client. Research the media that aligns with your customer and their influencers. All of this will help you narrow what media to pitch your story to for maximum benefit.

3. Merchandising your media placement after the fact is just as important as getting the placement in the first place.

Once you have a media placement achieved share it across your own and business social media channels to achieve more reach, include it in sales presentations to help build credibility, and use your businesses digital properties (website and e-newsletters) to showcase your placement. All of this will ensure that more people see your story.

If you’re interested in the rapidly changing media landscape, I enjoyed reading “The End of Absence.”


Nicole Ravlin

When it comes to connecting people, Nicole’s network in Vermont is well established. She works to tell the AgendaVT story across the State to build awareness of what we’re doing.

Nicole is a partner at People Making Good PR where she is the firm’s lead on crisis communications and communications strategy. She serves on the Board of Directors for RunVermont and Vermont Public Radio. You can find Nicole spending time with family and friends in Vermont sailing on Lake Champlain in the summer and on the slopes of Stowe or Bolton in the winter.

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