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Making the Most of Peak Summer in Vermont


“Peak summer” is the average warmest day of the year. In Vermont’s mountains, this week is actually average peak summer. For the rest of Vermont, next week is average peak summer.

So, as a business person, what do you do about peak summer? Easy: try and enjoy it.

According to Cary Cooper, a psychologist at the Manchester Business School, for many summer “summer lightens the mood at work,” increasing some types of productivity, and making it easier for employees to commune and deepen business relationships and company culture.

It’s also true that many Vermonters suffer “blue sky” stress – fear of missing a warm summer day, as the season is short in these Green Mountains.

Here’s to threading that needle – enjoying Vermont’s summer, while not stressing about it. Take some of your lunches outside, if possible – even better, with a coworker. Walk or bike to work, or before work, or after it. Take your team out for ice cream (or a cold beer).

Even if you can only grab a few minutes here and there, take the time to enjoy summer while it’s here. That will be rewarding as it is – and it might even make you sharper and more productive.

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