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Daily Agenda Reading List: May 2

How to Prep Your Phone for International Travel: You’ve bought your plane tickets, booked your Airbnb, stocked up on tiny shampoo bottles. The only thing separating you from that summer jaunt to Mexico or the Bahamas or the south of France is the plane ride, and setting up your phone to come along with you. – by Arielle Pardes –

The newest ailment to worry about at the office? Motion sickness: Some people head into work with every intention of having a productive day, only to find themselves sleepy and unable to focus. They sense their motivation draining away, as a brief existential crisis clobbers them with feelings of self-pity and regret. – by Lila MacLellan –

What I Learned From My Nightmare Job Interview: Crappy job interviews are a fact of life. Some are more bizarre, infuriating, and embarrassing than others. But even the most disastrous interviews can teach you something that might prove helpful later in your career—at least according to the people who’ve survived them. – by Rich Bellis –

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