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An Amazing Free Guide to Help You Find a High-Impact Career


You have 80,000 hours in your career.

Thus the name of, an amazing resource designed to help people make the right career decisions.

While the site is aimed at graduates exploring how to make the world a better place, it’s also truly useful for anyone thinking or dreaming about a high-impact career. For example: “We reviewed over 60 studies about what makes for a dream job. Here’s what we found.”

Or even, simply, “All the best advice we could find on how to get a job.”

The information on the site is based on five years of research. It’s affiliated with the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

It has two main parts:

  • Career Guide – Evidence-based advice on how to be successful in any job. There are 12 key parts, each of which will take about 15 minutes. Read them on the site or subscribe via email.
  • Decision-Making Tool – A series of questions to help you clarify your career decision, priorities, options, plans, and research findings when choosing a career. When making career decisions, most people don’t use a process at all. But this is a mistake because we’re not naturally good at making complex decisions. And simple techniques like lists of pros and cons don’t address the most important bias – considering too few options and priorities.

Each one of the chapters in the free career guide are indispensable. For example, “How to be successful: the compounding benefits of investing in yourself.”

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