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The Toll of Being “Always On”

Every Wednesday going forward, AgendaVT will focus on tips, tools, and insights for better workplace productivity. But before we launch this column, it’s useful to consider the meaning of “workplace productivity” in the era of constant connectivity.

As long as we have our smartphones and other devices, work is never more than a glance away. That’s an exhausting bummer for some people. Others thrive on feeling dialed in at all times.

But both types of people risk burnout on the ever-accelerating treadmill of updates, tasks, to-dos, Slacks, emails, reports, ad nauseum infinitum.

We’re all doing SO many things – juggling work and home and side hustles and creative projects while trying to stay healthy and connected to ourselves and our families.

It’s trite to say “slow down and live life.” This is life. But amidst the constant demands (and rewards) of work and family, it is possible to find balance. Ironically, it takes work to do so.

We’ll explore how to find that balance every Wednesday. How do you do it? Share your productivity tips by emailing

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