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10 Top Vermont News Sites By the Numbers

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Have you visited our page aggregating headlines from over a dozen Vermont news sources?

It’s an easy way to view Vermont’s news at a glance. (On desktop, you can even hover over headlines to get a preview of the story.)

Building this page made us curious – what are Vermont’s leading news websites by the numbers?

Since many sites don’t publicly post their traffic numbers, we have to use a tool like SimilarWeb to make an estimate.

“Estimate” is the key word – sometimes SimilarWeb under-reports traffic.  However, from experience, it’s the most accurate of all website estimation tools (short of actual website analytics).

The so-called indexed web is huge, of course, with at least 4.48 billion pages. Google’s index contains over 100,000,000 GB of data.

Vermont’s internet footprint is a tiny fraction of all that data.

According to SimilarWeb, Vermont’s top ten news sites by total visits are:

  1. – 1.3m
  2. – 696k
  3. – 665
  4. – 580k
  5. – 517k
  6. – 417k
  7. – 294k
  8. – 113K
  9. – 110k
  10. – 117k

Other notable websites in Vermont by the numbers: has about 1.3 million total visits per month. has  just 200,ooo more total visits per month (1.5m), but has more than twice as many people as Vermont.

Next week we’ll dig into Vermont’s Twitter and Instagram footprint by the numbers.

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